Roulette Strategies & Tips For Smart Players

Roulette Strategies & Tips For Smart Players

Gamblers are always looking for better roulette strategies & tips to profit from playing roulette. Unfortunately, the roulette strategy most rely upon is to bet their “lucky number” or go with their “isloyalty”. But, is there such a thing as a smart roulette strategy?

Inquisition on the smart-play roulette strategy

No, although I do agree that betting your lucky number or watching the wheel spin and letting the ball decide your fortune is a bit close to the truth, there is no sound mathematical reason that will convince you to bet on numbers that have a very low probability of being chosen.

Chilled out mathematicians may agree with the adage that the house has a 0.05% or 5%, 0.56% advantage over the player, but this doesn’t mean the hotel or casino has adeuce on the number table.


There is a marked difference in the betting strategies used depending on the perceived momentum of the players. When the players are hot, they are more likely to bet on numbers with higher expectation. When the players are cold, they are more likely to bet on numbers with a lower probability of being chosen.

Thus, when cold streaks occur, the players should be betting on numbers with the best possibility of being chosen. Since the cards are drawn randomly, the players should also be betting on the most likely numbers to be chosen. Since hot numbers are expected to be drawn more frequently, and since cold numbers are overvalued, it should come as no surprise that when the cards are shoehornier, the numbers with the greatest probability of being chosen are those cold in the early rounds.

The Gamblers Fallacy

Some bettors apparent superior knowledge of the game at hand comes from having a better understanding of probability theory. Oftentimes, they’ll try to get an edge by using the Martingale system while others will just make bets according to the momentum of the hands.

Unfortunately, many players simply make the wrong bets when they are hot because they are betting with their emotions. When they are cold, they are too anxious to catch their lucky number to make an above average bet. Doing nothing about hot or cold numbers is the only strategy a smart Pokerace99 player can use.

The Martingale System

Because the game is quite simple, many players can use the Martingale system if they are beginners. This system simply suggests that you double your bet when you lose. The idea is that if you bet a dollar, and you lose, you then bet two dollars, and you double your winnings. In the case of a win, you go back to betting the dollar once again.

This system relies on the gamblers fallacy, that is, the assumption that an event that has not happened recently is likely to happen in the upcoming or upcoming several events. A lot of roulette players assume that because the wheel has landed frequently on black, it is bound to land on red again. Actually, the odds say otherwise.

Because roulette wheels can land on any number, your chance of winning is equal to the number on the wheel multiplied by the number on the wheel divided by three. In the event that red comes up 20 times in a row, the probability of red coming up on the next spin is still 50%. Therefore, the Martingale system is still flawed, although mathematicians might beg to differ.

Because the numbers are drawn randomly, there is no sure way to win money betting on a sure thing. For instance, if you let the wheel spin until you have won, and then you start the new game with the same amount you were originally betting, you lose the money you originally bet.

Avoiding Bad Odds

Avoiding a bad beat is the best roulette strategy, but you need to also avoid losing your bankroll. Because most roulette strategies rely on the losses in order to build profits, if you lose your initial bet, you will have to keep on losing until you recover your funds.

Should you hit a bad beat, which is a common occurrence, you will not recover your funds, and you may end up losing everything you have in the game. Therefore, if you don’t want to lose your roulette bankroll, it is a good idea to stick to a standard roulette system, such as the Many Odds or the Martingale system.

Building profits slowly

While building your profits slowly, you ensure that you don’t lose it entirely. While the growth of your profits is slow, you take your winnings and walk away while still ahead, rather than throwing it all away.

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