Blackjack Systems You Can Avoid

There are a lot of blackjack systems out there. Most of them are scams and don’t really help you at all. Even if they do work on the lower levels, they will usually eat you alive at the upper levels. Most of them are based on when to hit, or when to stand, based on some ridiculous complex mathematics thing or omg if its red or black its a sure thing im sure you know the best thing about blackjack as well as all the other casino games.

Yet still people use them, why? Could it be because the majority of them have not taken the time to develop a true blackjack system that can help them make some money? If you ask me the answer would be no, unless you have developed a system that is so good it can statistically beat the house edge, (which currently stands at about 0.5%, lower though some systems have been known to have had success at higher levels of 0.75% and 1%) you are going to lose on a consistent basis. Every single casino table you sit at, you stand a chance of losing, that’s the base of the system. Add the casino edge into the mix and you will lose for sure, the casino edge is built into the system. Some will argue with that as well, but you will be pretty much guaranteed to lose unless you are sitting at one of the most elite levels of casinos, and only a select few will have developed ways to beat the house edge.

The reason people will argue is because they win, it’s not because they can count cards so they have an edge, it’s because they are better at gambling in general. If you were sitting with a group of friends and going to the casino, you would have a better idea of what rounds would please everyone, but if you went on vacation to Vegas, and spent the time learning all the games, you will have a better advantage over tourists and locals, the ones that never leave the casino.

So, if you want to win guaranteed, you are going to have to either find a way to deal with the casino, blackjack rules, and the odds, (which is no easy task) or learn to deal poker, which is my specialty. I studied a lot of books to learn how to deal poker, and since I began dealing poker full time, I have become a much better player, much quicker, and have learned some of the most important tricks. I spent years studying, learning, reading, learning, and reading some more. I believe me, card counting is illegal, (as it is Not SoPSI), dealing poker is illegal, (the casinos don’t like card counters,) there are fines for dealing, (usually traffic tickets.) And any chance you get of playing the game you are going to have to deal, (the ones that count cards.)

Once you learn to deal poker, the next step to become an expert is to learn the various casino blackjack rules. When I say the rules I mean, the actual official blackjack rules. Do you have any idea about the blackjack rules? The card counting version you can’t count, (unless you count the acecking ace) the single deck, (very important to know as it can throw you off the real blackjack table and you can’t count cards,) the split deck. And it goes on and on.) If you know the blackjack rules and have a basic understanding of card counting, you can make it work, but you are going to need to practice, and by that I mean deal, (soccer saviors in the group,) I mean deal, not play. You can’t just play the game, deal, and bet. You have to apply the knowledge from card counting to the blackjack game and then sit back and wait for the cards to be dealt.

If you aren’t sure how to do this, (because you can’t sit and play,) I found a great little program you can download and watch. It will teach you to sit and play and the cards to deal. It will also show you how to bet, (which is probably the most important part of any blackjack gambling.)

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